The Short Trip To York Street (Boston United)

On Saturday 22nd of July we made the short trip to York Street the home of Boston United. York Street has a capacity of 6,643 which is respectable for a club that is semi professional plying their trade in National League North.

This is our second time attending a Grimsby Town game at this stadium and it’s fair to say judging by its run down appearance it’s your typical non-league ground with basic stands, three of them having all standing areas.It is hard to tell what impact this has on the overall disabled spectator experience as the two games we have attended have both been friendlies.

On our entry to the stadium we were given the option of sitting in a dugout by the benches or sitting behind the goal with the other Town fans, we chose to sit with the Town fans. This was because we wanted to be involved in the atmosphere created by by the away supporters. It was good of the club to provide us with a choice of different viewing areas, this is something we don’t normally get when we visit most Football League grounds.


Location of the car park is very good, it is situated right outside of the ground, however its worth noting that the terrain is not ideal from a wheelchair users point of view because it is made up sand and gravel with very little concreted areas. This can be tricky at the best of times but when it is very wet like it was on Saturday it makes it almost impossible to get across, you cant get the grip required if you are loading in to the back of a van like we do. In fact even a few days after the game we are still finding sand in various nooks and crannies! (In our chairs of course).  We found the car park staff helpful and were on hand to assist people if required before the game.

As mentioned earlier, when given the choice where we wanted to sit the reason we didn’t choose the dugout option is because we would have needed to sit near the touchline, therefore not having such a good view of the action.  With it being a wet day our wheels may of cut up the turf and made it difficult for us to move.


There are more than enough wheelchair spaces in the away end however if you are attending the game with a carer/assistant they will need to stand/sit behind you for the duration of the match. The only criticism we have of where we sat was the advertising boards in front of us were a little too high and made it difficult to see the action in the penalty area at our end.

If the forecast is dodgy for when you are visiting York Street you might want to take your waterproofs as the stands are not designed to protect you from the elements.  It is something that has been brought to the attention of stadium staff in the past and they say they are currently exploring ways of improving this.

Food was easy to purchase and as football ground food goes this was excellent quality for the low prices, one of us had a hot dog that was a proper Lincolnshire chipolata sausage for just £1.80!!  The other had a homemade burger for £2.30!

We give this stadium a M.U.M rating of 2.0 out of 5.

As this is our first ground hopping blog we would like to point you in the direction of a football ground map website, where if like us you like to visit different away grounds you can log the ones you have been to on there.  I also provides you with useful reviews from people who have previously visited various stadia. To check this out click on the link!

M.U.M are the words!!

Joe & Ben


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