Introducing ourselves and our blogs

We are Ben and Joe, two disabled guys who share a strong passion for football. As the new season is approaching we have decided to start writing blogs regarding transfer news, club news and matchday experiences concerning the teams we support!

Ben – (Grimsby Town & Manchester United)

Joe – (Rotherham United & Manchester United)

We will endeavour to write frequent blogs covering all things M.U.M (Mariners, United, Millers).

In our blogs we will write about all the major stories regarding our supported clubs. At this time of year blogs may be dominated by transfer reviews. We are able to take information from various media outlets as well as reliable social media sources to provide readers with an informed opinion about transfers regarding The Mariners, United and the Millers!!

In the build up to the new campaign our blogs will start to focus on previewing the forthcoming seasons for M.U.M reviewing: How pre-season went for our respective clubs, who may be the best signing, who may be the player to watch out for during the season and an informed prediction to where we may end up at the end of the season.

As dedicated supporters we often travel around the country following our clubs. We will use these blogs to share our experiences about stadium access and the all round matchday experience from a disabled supporters perspective, not to say that this information wont be useful to able-bodied supporters because we’re sure it will be. Our motivation for writing about this comes from having searched the internet for this sort of stuff when we started out travelling to away games and finding that information relating to this was and indeed still is very sparse.

Remember readers….. “M.U.M are the words”


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